Pros and Cons of Different Commercial Sign Styles

Storefront signs are imperative to give off a good impression and generate brand identity. There are so many options to choose from though. Here is a quick guide on the 

1. Fabric Storefront Sign

Pros: They’re colorful and unique. Plus, they’re initially relatively cheap.

Cons: While they start off cheap, they do require more upkeep and replacement because they’re less durable than other types of signs.

2. Plywood Storefront Sign

Pros: Affordable and simple with a touch of elegance. They cost a bit more than fabric, but will last longer. They give a upscale rustic look to your business. You also have many choices with the types of wood available.

Cons: Premium woods can cost a lot. Plus, weather damage can take its toll. You can treat the wood to prevent faster wear, but you’ll still need to replace these.  

3. Painted Glass Storefront Sign

Pros: Low-cost, attractive, and distinctive, you can have a sign painted on your storefront window.

Cons: They’re not always visible from the street, meaning your potential customers may have to look hard for you.  

4. Punched Metal/Laser Cut Storefront Sign

Pros: Durable and weather-resistant, these can add a contemporary or historic flair, depending on the style you choose.

Cons: They’re a more expensive option.

5. Metal Logo and Lettering Storefront Sign

Pros: 3D signage really pops and makes for prominent visibility.

Cons: Lighting is required to really bring them out, which adds to the cost.  

6. Metal Storefront Sign Board

Pros: Very professional image that can be customized to your designs. They hold up well in all weather too.

Cons: The more intricate the cut-out, the more expensive this will be. Be prepared to invest in touch-ups every few years too.

7. Awning Storefront Signs

Pros: These create a cozy charm plus additional shade, ideal for outside tables at a restaurant or even providing refuge for your customers on rainy days. It can also save you money on your electric bills.

Cons: It can get expensive depending on the size of the awning needed, plus after time, weather can ruin it. You’ll also want another sign because like the ones painted on your glass storefront, it can be hard to see from far away.

8. Rock Storefront Signs

Pros: Elegant and long-lasting, ideal for large retailers or hotels.

Cons: Permanent and expensive. If you’re planning to move your business in a few years, this might not be your best bet.

9. Neon Storefront Sign

Pros: Bright, noticeable and appealing.

Cons: Expensive. They can be damaged easily by bad weather too.

10. Digital Signage

Pros: Easy to program with different messages.

Cons: Best for high foot traffic areas.

Whatever your signage needs, think of Light House Services to help get your business noticed!